JACK 2.0 The future was now. Launch notes 22 July 2015 Los Angeles

Re: Get lost in the Zipperverse…


VIDEO: A sleek and responsive new network streaming all original content. We looked at the competition
then went ahead and built the exact opposite. No nonsense. No clickbait. Total smut.
Need to see some fucked up shit?
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TOYS: The store is open. Inspired by future shock and James Bond movies. Only fantastic toys make the cut. High frequency stimulation for every level of astronaut. Life is long… find a toy.
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APPAREL: WITCH BRAND for women. We intend to create havoc. Visuals that pop. Dye Sub. Silkscreen. Bikinis. Underwear. Tops. Leggings. Dresses. WITCH. Triple stitched. The photoshoots are ridiculous. Mens line coming soon.
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PRINTS: A decade of hardcore photography. These never before seen image sets on metallic chrome stock look almost holographic.
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PODCAST: Faster Babylon. One on one conversation with director JacktheZipper and the bright stars of
adult entertainment and beyond. This show is already getting weird… lots of surprise guests.
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JACK 2.0 Summertime. Mix it up.
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